Anizome LLC


ANIZOME LLC was founded in 2018 as a result of a ground breaking venture between Baylor College of Medicine, Stonehaven Incubate AG and Diversigen Inc. This unique combination of microbiome expertise, industry knowledge and commercial experience has enabled ANIZOME to establish a world class animal microbiome platform that bridges the gap between research and commercial solutions.

​Located in Texas Medical Centre, the world's largest health science complex, ANIZOME's experienced team of experts are building on more than a decade of breakthrough discovery in the microbiome to develop next generation solutions for both farm and companion animals.

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Lysando AG


A collaboration between Stonehaven Incubate and anti-microbial protein specialist Lysando aims to develop ground-breaking therapies for companion animal infections. The companies have agreed to conduct proof-of-concept trials for new topical treatments based on Artilysin anti-microbials, an innovative technology platform developed by Lysando. Artilysin s are protein-based treatments which promise to overcome many of the issues facing conventional antibiotics. The focus of the project will be to manufacture, develop and commercialise new treatments for skin, eye and ear infections in dogs.

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Agile Sciences, Inc


Stonehaven Incubate and US-based biopharmaceutical company Agile Sciences, Inc. have signed a collaboration agreement for the development of innovative veterinary pharmaceutical therapeutic and prophylactic treatments. Agile’s technology consists of a family of small molecules that uniquely disable bacterial protection mechanisms. When combined with antibiotics, including antibiotics which have been rendered ineffective due to resistance issues, the result is a reduction in the quantity of antibiotics required to be effective, delay and reversal of antibiotic resistance and dispersion and inhibition of biofilms.

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Stonehaven Incubate has teamed up with Sports Performance Tracking (SPT) and veterinary pain specialist, Dr. B Duncan X Lascelles – all leaders in their respective fields – to create a new venture that will commercialise sensor technology to improve animal health. AniV8TM (pronounced An-i-vate) is a company designed to become the leading developer of clinical sensor technology recommended by veterinarians to diagnose and monitor common animal disease states.

AniV8TM has been formed to commercialise its first product, a novel approach to measuring the impact of osteoarthritis (OA) pain in companion animals. It will offer the first wearable for dogs and cats to diagnose and monitor OA-pain – agnostic to age, breed and lifestyle – using proprietary algorithms to measure the quality of movement.

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