Stonehaven Incubate and Lysando sign agreement to develop new anti-microbials for companion animals

18th December, 2018

A new collaboration between Stonehaven Incubate and anti-microbial protein specialist Lysando aims to develop ground-breaking therapies for companion animal infections.

The companies have agreed to conduct proof-of-concept trials for new topical treatments based on Artilysin® anti-microbials, an innovative technology platform developed by Lysando.

Once the initial studies have been successfully completed, the partners have agreed to form a new company that will have exclusive rights to manufacture, develop and commercialise the new treatments for skin, eye and ear infections in dogs.

Artilysin®s are protein-based treatments which promise to overcome many of the issues facing conventional antibiotics. “The Artilysin® platform is very exciting because it avoids many of the problems that are threatening to limit the future use of standard antibiotics. Artilysin®s are not antibiotics, their mode of action is based on laws of physics and does not interfere with the bacterial metabolism,” explains Dr Martin Griessl, Co-CEO of Lysando.

“Artilysin® proteins can be designed to target specific pathogens whilst preserving the host’s natural microbiome, thus supporting the natural healing process and reducing side-effects. Importantly, there is no evidence that pathogens can become immune to their action,” explained Markus Count Matuschka de Greiffenclau, founder of Lysando.

“This new collaboration has the potential to transform the treatment of many companion animal infections,” said Dr Mark Heffernan, CEO of Stonehaven Incubate. “Lysando is a world leading authority on the development of anti-microbial proteins, and Stonehaven Incubate looks to identify unique opportunities in animal health and work with such innovators to build new, stand-alone companies. This unique technology and partnership fits our mission perfectly.”


Notes to editor:

Stonehaven Incubate

Formed in February 2018, Stonehaven Incubate is headquartered in Switzerland. Its parent company, Stonehaven Holdings AG, was founded in 2015 by George Gunn, former CEO of Novartis AH.  Stonehaven Incubate has already evaluated more than 30 other innovative solutions for their potential to expand into animal health related products and technologies since its formation. The company is a foundation shareholder in ANIZOME, one of the first commercial therapeutic microbiome discovery platform dedicated to animal health and nutrition, and thus bridged the gap between microbiome research and commercial development.


Founded in 2009 by Markus Count Matuschka von Greiffenclau. Lysando AG with its German subsidiary Lisando GmbH located at the Biopark, Regensburg has a team of 20 top scientists developing Artilysin®s. This globally unique technology enables the development of anti-microbial proteins which are highly resistant-stable and save the natural microbiome. To date 450 functional Artilysin®s have been developed. It is the company’s goal to turn the Artilysin® platform into the world leading anti-microbial technology.

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